My husband and I both work in the emergency services. We have a little girl, Kitty, who is 4 and three black, furry, feline eating machines. We live in East Sussex on the “Sunshine Coast” (laughing lightly at the thought as I sit at my desk watching the rain pour down) with my brother in law and his girlfriend. I also enjoy writing and generally musing away (aka wasting time) on the internet.

My journey to cooking on a shoestring began when my husband’s overtime disappeared and I went part-time after having our daughter.  Good food is very important to me, I come from a family full of great cooks and I worked as a patissier for 4 years in a luxury hotel. I began to discover the reduced counter in the supermarket, cheaper cuts of meat and picked my Mum’s brains for 100 ways with leftover roast chicken. I knew I had really caught the bug when I found myself hanging around ASDA at 8pm waiting for the end-of-day bargains.

And that journey has led me here, hoping that I can inspire other people that cooking on a tight budget is possible and can even be excitingly satisfying. And it is possible without turning into a character from Extreme Couponing..




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