The 5 day chicken challenge…Day One

I will admit that I am rather proud of my ability to stretch a roast chicken to breaking point and beyond. I’ve stolen my Mum’s best tips, honed my ability to strip a carcass to a scary new level and concocted “interesting” ways to make one leg feed four. So I thought I’d share my Chicken Week with you and show you how you can make a small chicken feed two for 5 nights. Yes, really.

M & S are currently offering a fantastic “roast for 4” deal for a fiver – for which you get meat, some spuds and vegetables. If you’re canny and go early you can sometimes get chickens with a price tag of £6. It’s definitely worth buying your chicken from M&S or Waitrose as they are bred on British farms approved by Freedom Foods – leading to more flavoursome, denser meat which goes further, important when you’re cooking 5 loaves and 2 fishes style. My chicken this week came from the freezer this week but was part of the old Dine in for £10 deal (more about making the most of that another day).


So, drum roll please. Here is tonight’s dinner. Roast Chicken, cocktail sausages, Roast parsnips, roasted onions, roast potatoes, savoy cabbage and baby carrots with port and red wine gravy. We have one chicken breast between us; you may think this is tight but actually you really don’t notice – and we are hearty eaters in our house. Just pad it out with some vegetables, take the breast off the bone, slice and fan it to spread it across the plate. Don’t mention it and nobody will notice. The gravy was an Asda bargain, leftover from Saturday night’s liver and bacon.

Rough costing:

Chicken breast £1
Mini sausages – 8 from Waitrose pack of 30 reduced to £1 – 27p
Potatoes – 1/4 of a bag reduced from £2.40 to 30p – 8p
2 onions – from a 1kg Aldi super 6 at 49p – 10p
Parsnips – half an Aldi super 6 – 25p
Savoy cabbage – 1/4 of an Aldi super 6 – 12p
Baby carrots – 1/2 a bag of Asda “whoops” at 20p – 10p
Gravy – 1/2 a tub of Asda “whoops” extra special at 35p – 17p

So in total, £2.09 for a very delicious roast chicken dinner for two. Not bad 🙂

Bon Appetit, Fiona



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