California Dreaming

When I was at school my best friend was a French girl who lived opposite us. We lived in each other’s pockets and it was at her house that I discovered the various delights of fromage blanc covered in sugar, Gameboy and Nutella smeared thickly over a baguette. Her Mum was living proof that the stereotypical French woman presented in books like “French Women don’t get Fat” is a fallacy – I never saw her in a neat Chanel suit and the idea of her ever serving up a cheffy 4 course dinner is hilarious. However, along with the tooth-busting fromage blanc + caster combination, another of Anna’s Mum’s delicacies has stuck with me. A very nice little lunch dish consisting of baguette topped with a mixture of chopped green peppers, cubed cheese and salad cream finished under the grill. This Welsh-rabbit-like concoction went under the tres exotique label of “California Bread” (as it hailed from 80s when vegetables were frozen, potatoes were reformed, the vegetable aisle at the local supermarket was about 1/8th of the size they are now and a bell pepper was positively poncetastic).

I made this for lunch on Saturday and it’s pretty cheap to put together. One demi baguette at the approximate cost of 56p, 3oz cheap ASDA cheddar, 1/4 of a green pepper from a Sainsbo’s basics bag, a squirt of own-label salad cream, a small apple, an inch of Q, a radish and 4 cos lettuce leaves et voilà, lunch for two !

Bon Appetit !!!

Fiona x

retro barbies !


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